Procurement Management Committee

We follow the procurement systems and process as per the guideline of Administrative and Financial Policy of NNJS. This policy is based on Public Procurement Act of Nepal.

Before the starting of each Nepali fiscal year, we published registration listing notice in the local and national newspaper. The companies and firms are listed in our record with details (i.e registration of firm, price list, nature of supply, etc). This is called SUCHIKRIT (listing) in procurement system. This will help to surface and compare the price list of goods and materials.

There are five members in the procurement committee to manage procurement system in the Hospital.

1)  Chairman of Hospital management committee                       Chairman
2)  Person nominated as an expert in respected field                   Member
3)  Chief Medical Director                                                                   Member
4)  Member from management committee                                      Member
5)  Administrator                                                                                   Member Secretary