Primary Eye Care Centre (PECC)


This center was established in 1st January, 2007 at Khalanga of Salyan District with the administrative support of Nepal Red Cross Society of Salyan by providing free room for eye care service. But due to less access of patients in Kahalanga , the management team of Hospital and Nepal Red Cross team of Salyan jointly agreed to shift the centre in Shreenagar of Salyan from June 2012. In average 15-20 patients are getting eye care service. The patients are referred to Rapti for surgery and other major treatment. There is coordination committee team for the overall development of centre. Nepal Government is providing partial financial support to this centre. The centre is running in rented building of Krishi Samagri Sansthan-A government building. The local donor have donated free land at the same place (shreenagar) and the team are actively participating to get the fund from Government at local level for the construction of building.


The center was established in 2011 at Musikot, Rukum. Rukum District has a population of over .2 million and has been served by this center. This is currently running in a rented house of Nepal Red Cross Society, Rukum. Nepal’s government is funding this center partially. Rukum Branch of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh was established in 2016 and is responsible for managing the center. A local donor has donated land for the construction of this center, and the team members are seeking funding support for its construction.




PECC-East Rukum was established on 11th May 2019. This centre is fully supported by Local Government of Sishne Rural Municipality. As per the National Health Policy 2076, integration of eye health into basic health system, this centre was established to provide the eye care service to the very needy people of remote places. It was inaugurated by the Chairman of Sishne Rural Municipality. This centre is running under Joint program i.e technical support is provided by NNJS-Eye Health Program and financial and infrastructure support is provided by Sishne Rural Municipality. A co-ordination committee has been formed for the management as well as development of the centre. Eastern Rukum is the new district (1,161.13 Sq KM) under Lumbini Province and has a total population of 53018.




Krishnanagar Referral Clinic was started in 2015 in order to make easy excess to patients and also to make referral system strong for the CKNEH-Bahdurgunj.



This center was established at Sulichaur, Rolpa on 16th February 2016. It was inaugurated by than honorable home minister Mr, Krishna Bahadur Mahara. This centre is referral centre of Rapti. At present this is running in a rented house.



The Koilabash weekly clinic was started in 2013 to make the referral system stronger for Lamahi Eye Hospital. Koilabash is located in the Gadhwa Rural Municipality of Dang, Deukhuri, and is managed by Lamahi

Eye Hospital. The Koilabash is a very small town which is situated on the southern edge of the Dudhwa range of the Siwaliks, at Nepal Border with Uttar Pradesh 5 KM from the village Jarwa on the other side. The distance    between

Lamahi Eye Hospital to Koilabash is about 32 KM. The Gadhwa Rural Municipality ward No 9 have donated 10 Kattha (1264 Square Meter) land and Constructed the building for Eye Care Centre. Since 2021, this center has been upgraded to a primary eye care center and is now providing regular eye care services to the community.