Chhanda(Kalebabu)-Narayani Eye Hospital

Chhanda Kalebabu Narayani Eye Hospital was previously started as an Eye Care Centre at Krishnanagar of Kapilbastu district of Lumbini Province on 1st December 2004. The main objective of the center was to provide eye care for those who are curable blind in order to restore their sight. A door-to-door survey had been conducted by the NAB- Rehabilitation program in Kapilbastu, which had revealed that there were approximatelythirteen thousand curable blinds in the area.

Based on the survey results as well as finding curable patients in Kapilbastu, NNJS-Rapti Eye Hospital upgraded this center into a surgical centre. At the beginning, it was started in a rented house in Krishnanagar, and then it was shifted to Bahadurgunj. Gradually, there was an increase in both the number of Nepalese, as well as the Indian patients in the centre. Ms. Narayani Shah, the owner of the land and building, has donated land to upgrade this center into a full-fledged hospital because of the service provided and the increasing number of patients in the hospital. She donated a 1.41-acre piece of land to the center on September 5th, 2012.

A hospital named Chhanda (Kalebabu) Narayani Eye Hospital has been officially named as a tribute to the generous donation made by Ms. Narayani Sha. The foundation stone was laid to commemorate the inauguration of the ward building on 15th July 2014. This hospital is situated in Bahadurgunj of Krishnanagar Municipality which is close to Barhni Bazar, UP India. Hence, Indian patients have good access to this Hospital. Around 60 to 70% of patients visit from India. It has one referral centre at Krishnanagar and weekly clinic at Buddhabhumi rural municipality.