Rapti has reduced the prevalence of blindness from 0.87% in 1980/81 to 0.13% in 2010, according to two surveys. Over 3 million patients received OPD services and over 212,000 cataract surgeries were performed, with 488,211 patients receiving free OPD services and 41,127 receiving free cataract surgeries. Positive progress has been made in improving eye health. Further studies and monitoring are recommended for accurate assessment of interventions and healthcare services. Consult with healthcare professionals for specific information. Prevalence rates should be interpreted with caution, considering contextual factors. .

In Hospital Services

Outpatient Department (OPD) Service Inpatient Department (IPD) Service Major/Minor Surgery A-Scan B-Scan VFA (Visual Field Analysis) Green Laser Yag Laser Optical Coherence Topography (OCT) Posterior Vitrectomy Corneal Topography with Dry Eye Evaluator NCT (Non-Contact Tonometry) Low Vision Service Orthoptics Service Oculoplastic Clinic Retina Cornea Paediatric Ear Care Service Lab Service Patients Counselling 24 Hrs Emergency Service Fast Track Pharmacy Spectacles Service

Community Based Service

DST Camp (Diagnostic, Screening and Treatment) Free Surgical Camp Eye Screening for students, School Eye Health Education Referral Centre Eye Health Exhibition/Awareness Campaign Eye Health message through Radio/Newspaper

Eye Health Training

FCHV (Female Community Health Volunteer) Health Post/ Health Personal Drug Retailers MG (Mothers Group) Traditional Healer School Teachers Students, Volunteers Journalist/Media personal Community leaders Security personal

Training Institution

PCL in Ophthalmic Science Program (Ophthalmic Assistant Training) Small Incision Cataract Surgery Training Phacoemulsification Training Anterior Segment Fellowship Program


The Eye Health Program in Rapti & Bahadurganj aims to prevent blindness and improve vision by offering healing, educational, and supportive services. They seek to educate people about eye health and promote awareness so that people can take care of their eyes and avoid avoidable blindness. The program is dedicated to eliminating avoidable blindness by providing eye health education, training, and advocacy. .

Eye Health Program - Rapti & Bahadurgunj

There are three eye hospitals (Rapti Eye Hospital, Chhanda (kalebabu) - Naryani Eye Hospital, Lamahi Eye Hospital) and five PECC and two referral centre under Eye Health Program - Rapti & Bahadurgunj Rapti Eye Hospital Rapti Eye Hospital Rapti Eye Hospital Rapti Eye Hospital Rapti Eye Hospital Rapti Eye Hospital Rapti Eye Hospital
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