Eye Health Training/School Eye Health Program

In order to raise the awareness about eye health among the people and to promote eye health service in utilization of exiting eye care and treatment service of the hospital, the basic eye health training is conducted at different level by our group of Hospitals (Rapti Eye Hospital, Chhanda(Kalebabu)Narayani Eye Hospital and Lamahi Eye Hospital) and Primary Eye Care Centres. Eye Health Education and Training is an integral part of comprehensive eye care service which help to motivate people to undertake preventive measures, support to increase strong referral system and plays and important role in prevention of blindness.

We provide eye health training to

  1. Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV)
  2. Mothers Group (MG)
  3. Drug Retailers
  4. Traditional Healer
  5. Health Post In-charge
  6. School Teachers
  7. Media personal/Journalist
  8. Students
  9. NNJS Members

Eye Health Training to FCHV, MG, Drug Retailers and Traditional Healer and Health Post In-charge

School Eye Health Program

The prevalence of refractive errors, particularly myopia, is increasing in school-age children, especially in urban population. In order to reduction of blindness in children, different control measures are needed. In low-income countries like Nepal, high proportions of children are blind from preventable causes, which require community-based interventions. Eye Health Program-Rapti&Bahadurgunj has been conducting school eye health education and screening program annually.