Vision, Goal and Objective


“Act together to save the sight”


“Provide quality eye care service at affordable cost by strengthening existing eye health

facilities and services”


“Sustain Eye Health Program- Rapti & Bahadurgunj by 2027”

General Objective

  • To reduce eye and ear disease burden in the community


  • To strengthen awareness program of eye health service.
  • To collaborate and implement Eye Health Policy of Nepal.
  • To upgrade Rapti Eye Hospital from tertiary to centre of excellence hospital.
  • To upgrade CKNEH from secondary to a tertiary level hospital.
  • To upgrade Lamahi from secondary to a tertiary level hospital.
  • To upgrade Primary Eye Care Centre (PECC) to Surgical Centre gradually .
  • To reduce avoidable blindness in the community.
  • To reduce prevalence of hearing loss in the community.
  • To expand primary eye care centre in other areas.
  • To upgrade ear care department in all three hospitals and develop ear surgical centre in Lamahi Eye Hospital.
  • To enhance the capacity of employees (HR) by providing them appropriate training.
  • To strengthen academic training and research program.
  • To strengthen blind rehabilitative services with the collaboration of different stake holders.
  • To strengthen advocacy and partnership program with government and non governmental organization.